ENCRYPT was presented to KINAITICS Consortium

ENCRYPT project has been presented to the members of KINAITICS consortium, during the project’s second plenary meeting  that took place in Pisa, on March 20 and 21, 2023.

Project KINAITICS, entitled “Cyber-kinetic attacks using Artificial Intelligence”, aims at exploring the new attack opportunities offered by the introduction of AI-based control and perceptive systems, as well as those offered by combination of behavioural understanding of physical systems and cyber-attacks. On the defence side, KINAITICS aims at offering an innovative spectrum of tools and methodologies, to combine behavioural monitoring and classical cybersecurity tools to protects against these new threats.

KINAITICS’ first Hackathon is organised online on July 20th, 2023, and will involve Machine Learning and cybersecurity experts, practitioners, end users, aiming at preliminary testing the following use cases:
– URANIE simulations security: secure computer simulations during long computations
– Healthcare and Phishing email to steal EHR data: AI-based attack and protection of database using behaviour monitoring
– AI-driven web application firewall security: API services security through ai-based monitoring
– Rails structural health monitoring security: distributed representation learning in physical measurements systems

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