As the project progresses, available peer-reviewed papers will be made available here. Return to this page for updates and new research publications!


Journal papers

[J1] Maria Xekalaki, Juan Fumero, Athanasios Stratikopoulos, Katerina Doka, Christos Katsakioris, Constantinos Bitsakos, Nectarios Koziris, & Christos Kotselidis. (2022). Enabling Transparent Acceleration of Big Data Frameworks Using Heterogeneous Hardware.
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Conference/Workshop papers

[CW1] Johana Gunawan, Cristiana Santos, & Irene Kamara. (2022, November 1). Redress for Dark Patterns Privacy Harms? A Case Study on Consent Interactions. 2nd ACM Symposium on Computer Science and Law, Washington.
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