Work plan & resources

ENCRYPT is built around 6 Work Packages (WPs), spanning through all 36 Months (M) of the project implementation, interacting and providing feedback to each other as depicted in the figure below.

WP1 – Project Coordination and Cross- Cutting activities: guaranteeing the successful administration and control, risk management, problem handling and quality assurance on management levels. It ensures that the project runs in budget and on time and the expected results are achieved. It also covers cross-cutting activities, including the liaison with other projects and initiatives which will pave the way for the promotion of the European Data Spaces, and for the validation campaign of the project, and the ethics and GDPR compliance guidance, which will support all technical tasks in WP4 by aligning work with GDPR.

WP2 – Requirements and architectural design: comprising the cornerstone of the ENCRYPT project, as it will define the use cases, and deliver the legal, ethical, user, and technical requirements. All these activities will drive the definition of the architectural design of ENCRYPT, as well as the specification of the interfaces both between components, and between the ENCRYPT framework and the end-users. A user-centric approach will be followed, involving end-users at all stages of the design process, to ensure the user-friendliness of the developed framework, and its applicability in a wide set of scenarios.

WP3 – Privacy-preserving computation technologies: designing and developing the technologies that form the core of the ENCRYPT framework and are improving current PP technologies towards scalability, and reliability. This WP starts with the definition of the first version of the ENCRYPT architecture from WP2, on M7 (January 2023), and provides the first version of all components on M16 (October 2023) and the final version on Month 32 (February 2025). A feedback loop towards WP2 ensures that any changes in the technical specs that are identified as the implementation is proceeding, will be reflected in the architectural design.

WP4 – Privacy-supporting technologies: designing and developing the technological components which support the ENCRYPT framework, and provide user-friendliness, and interoperability. This WP reflects WP3, starting on M7 (January 2023) with the definition of the architectural design, providing the first version of components on M16 (October 2023), and the final one on M32 (February 2025). It also interfaces with WP3 for the implementation of the relevant APIs. Feedback towards WP2 exists here too.

WP5 – Integration, validation, and evaluation: being responsible to perform the continuous integration and testing of ENCRYPT components during their development phases with the ultimate goal to offer a fully functional solution to be deployed in the use cases of the project. It also includes all activities related to the overall evaluation of the proposed solution spanning not only from its functional assessment, but also consider the scalability, reliability, user-friendliness, and practicality of the ENCRYPT framework in federated infrastructure. This WP provides the integration and validation plan on M7 (January 2023), and on M18 (December 2023) integrates the first version of the software components available on October 2023. This first integrated prototype allows the initiation of the activities related to the deployment of the use cases. The second version of the prototype, on M27 (September 2024), allows the initiation of the activities related to the external use cases. The third and final version come with the conclusion of the validation campaign.

WP6 – Outreach, and exploitation: Collects all activities for impact creation, focusing on a) making the project visible to a wide audience, b) disseminating the results to relevant groups and c) contributing to the scientific research clusters and standardization bodies. On top of that, exploitation plans for key project results will be derived while IPR management will be performed. Finally, a business plan and will be elaborated.

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