ENCRYPT Project Joins CPDP 2024: Spotlight on Fundamental Rights and AI

The ENCRYPT project was one of the event partners for the 17th edition of the CPDP International Conference, which took place in Brussels on May 22-24. Originally founded in 2007, the CPDP platform is now supported by 20 academic centers of excellence from the EU, the US and beyond. As the world’s leading multidisciplinary conference, the CPDP offers the latest legal, regulatory, academic and technological developments in the field of privacy and data protection, with a special focus on the Artificial Intelligence domain.

As an event partner, ENCRYPT organized the panel “Fundamental Rights Protection and Artificial Intelligence“, featuring Dr. Marco Bassini (Assistant Professor of Fundamental Rights and Artificial Intelligence at Tilburg University and member of the ENCRYPT team), Prof. Michèle Finck (Professor of Law and Artificial Intelligence and Director of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Law at the University of Tübingen), Dr. Simona Demková (Assistant Professor of EU Law at Leiden University), Andreea Șerban (The Future of Privacy Forum) as speakers.

The panel, which took place on May 22, explored how technology, and in particular artificial intelligence systems, can also enhance and support the protection of fundamental rights, such as in the case of privacy-enhancing technologies that meet different societal needs (facilitating the dissemination of information while protecting privacy). The panelists also discussed recent developments in the regulation of AI in the European Union, focusing on the forthcoming AI Act and its implications for the balance between promoting innovation and protecting privacy.

Representing the ENCRYPT project, Marco Bassini highlighted the potential of privacy-preserving technology and illustrated some examples from the ENCRYPT project’s use cases.

Watch the ENCRYPT-sponsored panel: