UNIMAN Seminar on hardware acceleration via TornadoVM

On November 17th our partners from UNIMAN hosted a seminar on hardware acceleration via TornadoVM for researchers in the Computer Science department. 20 researchers attended the seminar that was organized as physical event in the campus of the University of Manchester.

In particular, the seminar aimed at making the Computer Science department researchers aware of the core technology that is used in WP3, T3.4. Additionally, the scope of using TornadoVM in the context of ENCRYPT for the acceleration of homomorphic encrypted functions has been presented.

In this respect, the seminar focused on the programming friendly aspects of TornadoVM which is the in-house technology that UNIMAN brings to ENCRYPT for the GPU acceleration. It aimed to make the audience aware of the API; and how the technology is currently deployed not only in research but also in industry.