New synergy with TRUSTEE Horizon Europe project

A new interesting collaboration has been agreed between ENCRYPT and TRUSTEE Horizon Europe project, since both projects are working towards data privacy preservation.

Utilizing Self-Sovereign technologies and with State-of-the-Art homomorphic encryption, TRUSTEE offers a socially and environmental-aware framework for cross discipline federation of Data. In this respect, the project is working towards the development of a green, secure, trustworthy and privacy-aware framework that aggregates multiple interdisciplinary data repositories (healthcare, education, energy, space, automotive, cross-border) and also takes into account other European data federation spaces and transnational initiatives (Gaia-X and the EOSC).

A first meeting between representatives of the two projects took place on 5 April 2023, where the common research and innovation areas of both projects have been identified.

Stay tuned for updates!

In the meantime, you may visit TRUSTEE website at or follow the project at Linked In ( and Twitter (