New cooperation with the AI4CYBER project

We are pleased to announce a new collaboration with the AI4CYBER research project entitled “Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity Reinforcement and System Resilience”.

The AI4CYBER project is an EU-funded research project focusing on the application of AI and Big Data to cybersecurity. Its main goal is to advance the state of the art and provide an ecosystem of new cybersecurity services in the areas of 1) AI-driven testing, 2) AI-assisted detection and 3) SOAR. The AI4CYBER ecosystem framework is the main deliverable of the AI4CYBER project and comprises a set of AI-based services to be embedded in cybersecurity tools to ensure resilience of systems.

A first meeting between representatives of the two projects took place on 3 April 2023. The bilateral discussions identified potential synergies in addressing challenges in the areas of fintech and medicine, as these use cases are relevant to both ENCRYPT and AI4CYBER.

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