ENCRYPT presented at a ITASEC 2024 Conference Workshop

Salvatore D’Antonio and Chiara Feoli participated in the recent workshop on “Protection from Cybersecurity-induced Safety Threats,” held within ITASEC 2024 (the Italian Conference on Cybersecurity) in Salerno, Italy, on April 8th 2024.

The Italian Conference on CyberSecurity (ITASEC) is an annual event supported and organized by the Cybersecurity National Laboratory. It is thought as a forum to discuss and exchange experiences among representatives from academy, SMEs, public bodies, and industry who are interested in cybersecurity and all its applications.

The workshop aimed to analyze and assess the implications and the primary risks to safety induced by cybersecurity incidents, and to outline a roadmap on how to deal with the growing exposure to such risks from both a research and regulatory perspective.

Salvatore D’Antonio from TRUSTUP, as co-chair, presented the application of ENCRYPT Privacy-Preserving technologies to protect medical data.

Meanwhile, Chiara Feoli, from University of Naples Federico II (UNINA), provided insights into the cybersecurity challenges faced by healthcare organizations, focusing on diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology.