Our colleague from EIGHT BELLS Ltd, Mr. Dimitris Nodaros, attended EUROFED 2023. The event was organised in Toulon, France, during 31 May 2023.

During the event he had the opportunity to promote ENCRYPT project through discussions and by handing out the project’s 3-fold flyer.

The event gathered stakeholders from Defense and security, Aeronautics, Cyber protection, Energy, Experimental and test facilities, Healthtech, Integration facilities, Materials, Mechanics, Metallurgy, Microelectronics, Naval, Optics, Optronics, Secure communications, Space.

Attendees of the event showed interest in ENCRYPT and in particular to the Cyber Threats Intelligence sharing Use Case. Among others, a fruitful discussion took place with Dr. Tomas Van Oyen, from PROPHESEA, about the application of ENCRYPT’s Privacy-Preserving technologies for offshore wind turbines cyber security.